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From the Pastor

From the Pastor…

Pastor Billy

As we enter the month of love, I think it is fitting to be reminded of God’s great love for us. Even though we don’t deserve love, we get love from Him. His nature is love and He calls us to love one another and those around us. This is a simple lesson that we learned in Sunday School as children, yet it is a profound truth that much of the world doesn’t know.

You and I can share this good news with those who need to hear it if we will only be obedient to Christ’s Great Commission – something else we learned in Sunday School. Sunday School is the one hour of every week when we have the opportunity to gather with our brothers and sisters in Christ, share our hearts, learn together from God’s Word, and become equipped to reach the lost.

Unfortunately, many adults choose to not be a part of Sunday School. 50 years ago, Sunday School in most churches was better attended than worship services. Today, that trend is reversed, and I fear we are worse off for it. While today we wage “worship wars” over musical styles, our biblical IQs have plummeted. I am convinced that the only way we can grow as Christ followers is to be involved in a serious study of God’s eternal Word. The best way to do that is to be a part of a small group Bible Study. Sunday School is perfectly designed to provide for this need!

As we think about love this month, I challenge you to consider your love for Christ, the Bible, and others. If you find yourself wanting at all, then I invite you to join a Sunday School class. Sunday School is not just for children. It is a time for all ages to gather together and study God’s Word. We have some of the finest and most caring Sunday School teachers you will find anywhere! Will you try out a class? There are numerous adult classes, and you are welcome to try them all until you find one that suits you just right.

Another option is to try a brand new class that we will be offering this month. The Pastor’s Class will meet in my study during the Sunday School hour. It will be a relaxed opportunity to learn together as we study the Word. If you are curious and would like to “try a class on for size,” I invite you to join me in the Pastor’s Class beginning this month. The first meeting will be held on February 3rd, and I would love for you to join us!

I am very excited about the study we will be using – “Believe” by Randy Frazee. We will use this study as our guide, as we delve into Scripture to answer the questions: “What do I believe?,” “What should I do?,” and “Who am I becoming?” I pray that you will join us on this journey!

In Christian Love,

Pastor Billy



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