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June 2022 From the Pastor's Desk

From the Pastor…

God is so good! He has blessed us with a baby boom recently and what a blessing these children are to us all! These blessings also present us with some new challenges… While we have some very good nursery workers, sometimes they need relief – especially during summer vacation season. If you are willing to take a turn as a nursery worker for Sunday mornings and/or Wednesday nights, please contact the office or speak to Carmen Hadinger to let us know.

For the first time in a couple of years, we were able to have our Memorial Day Cookout on the Sunday night before Memorial Day. We were blessed with a tremendous attendance, great food, lots of fun, and awesome fellowship! Thank you all for your participation. It was so sweet to return to this time of joy and fellowship after a long pause.

Our Preschool and Kindergarten graduations were held recently, and they did not disappoint. We are truly blessed with a staff that is second to none! Randi Wood and her teachers never fail to impress. The children were so sweet and full of joy. I am convinced that they will be among the most prepared students when they reach kindergarten and first grade next fall. This ministry of our church is one of our greatest assets, and I thank you all for caring for children and helping make it such an important and impactful arm of the church.

We should be receiving more information soon from the engineers about the old Roberdel School property. After the contractor gets these plans, we will be able to get an estimate on the costs involved. Once we know the costs involved, we will have to commit to moving forward. The big question we all have is “how much is it going to cost?” While I can’t give you an answer right now, I can say that it is not too much for God! He already knows how much it is going to cost and how it is going to be paid. What He asks of us is to be obedient to His Call and to have faith in Him to provide all we need.

This month we celebrate fathers, and regardless of our relationships with our earthly fathers, we have a Heavenly Father that deserves our honor and worship. Our Heavenly Father should be the focus of our celebrations every day, and especially when we gather on Sundays. I have been encouraged of late as we have been having some very meaningful times of praise and worship, and I look forward to what God has in store going forward. If you have not been present for these times of worship, I invite you to come see what you’ve been missing!

We will also celebrate our graduates this month. We are blessed with multiple graduates from preschool on up. These fine young people have worked hard and need to know that we love them and are proud of their accomplishments.

I would like to remind you of our adult Bible Study on Wednesday nights at 7 pm. We are beginning a new study in June that I am calling “Character Counts.” In the wake of disturbing reports from across the Southern Baptist Convention, it is necessary that the church of Jesus Christ be reminded that our testimony is more than our religious words. True Christian character is needed in the church more today than ever before because there is such a lack of good character in our world. If we don’t set the standard then we are likely to become more and more like the world around us.

Yes, God is very good! As we enter the summer months I pray that we all stay safe, and that we recommit ourselves to the church of Jesus Christ.

In Christian Love,

Pastor Billy



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