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September 2022 From the Pastor's Desk

From the Pastor…

Happy New Year! That’s right, we have begun a new church year and God is busy here at Roberdel. I am so grateful to each of you who have faithfully continued to serve and support the Lord’s work during these recent difficult years. As we begin a new church year we are blessed that God continues to use us as His instruments of love and peace right here in this community. We have increased and become serious about our prayer life as a church. Thanks to everyone who has stepped up and committed to pray for an hour, covering a 24-hour period each month! Thanks to Lisa Talley for organizing this vital ministry.

Our Wednesday nights have been very good and we have experienced growth in attendance, baptisms and involvement as doors of opportunity continue to open.

Sunday School and worship services continue to involve new faces and have been meaningful as we grow in discipleship and accept the challenge to become disciple makers. Thank you for your faithfulness and willingness to obey Christ’s call to make disciples.

Missions giving and outreach have increased as we have seen folks actively serve at the soup kitchen, in building and disaster relief, and in a variety of mission endeavors that don’t always make the headlines.

Roberdel Baptist School has a record enrollment as more and more families seek out a safe, Christian place for their preschoolers and elementary students. By the way, we are getting closer and closer to having firm building and remodeling plans for the old Roberdel School. There is tremendous interest in seeing our dream come to fruition. God has made clear that He wants to bless and use that property through our church, and we must continue to provide the sweat and finances to make it happen! We hope to have some concrete dollar figures soon, so that we can move forward in making the old school something that will benefit our community and bring honor and glory to our Lord Jesus!

Our Deacons have been working throughout these past few years without relief. Now, Billy Bostick, Mike Burns, and Kenneth McKenzie have rotated off and our newest active deacons are Franklin Frye, John Starling, and Walt Wood. Please pray for them as they lead and serve.

I am especially looking forward to visiting the Ark Experience and the Creation Museum this month. We are blessed to be able to travel with our friends from Second Baptist Church for this exciting trip. All the while, our mission groups, AWANA, and Senior Adults are at least as active as they have been in several years.

“Thank you” does not seem adequate to express my appreciation for everyone who has been instrumental in making these great things happen. But I truly appreciate and love each of you! If you have yet to find your way back to God’s house and ministries, I encourage you to do so soon. There is no better time to get involved and be obedient to God’s calling than right now!

In Christian Love,

Pastor Billy



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