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August 2022 From the Pastor's Desk

From the Pastor…

It’s hard to believe that it is time for school to begin this month. Where did summer go? As a church, we have accomplished a great deal this summer. Vacation Bible School was a huge hit here in our community. Lives were eternally changed for Christ and families have come to church as a direct result of this important ministry. Our children and youth had a great time at summer camp and are closer to Christ than they were before. Our senior adults have had some fun and meaningful fellowships and meals. Our summer program was well-attended and another big hit with the kids who participated. Several of our men continue to serve the community by building ramps for the handicapped.

None of these things would be possible without all of our awesome volunteers and staff! Thank you all for caring about the Body of Christ and those who have yet to join the family. I am convinced that only eternity will reveal the degree to which you have impacted the kingdom of God.

We still have a few weeks of summer left and will be having more important events and activities to come. Look for dedication and commissioning of our teachers here at RBC and in the Public, Home and Private schools locally, as well as a time of prayer for our students. Our seniors have some exciting days ahead, including a September trip to the Ark Encounter and Creation Museum with our friends from Second Baptist Church. We will also have some other activities that will keep us on the go and having lots of fun!

Please don’t forget that while these special events are coming up, we continue to do our day-to-day ministry here at Roberdel. One of our most important ministries is our 24 Hours of Prayer, held the first Thursday of each month. If you haven’t been participating, I encourage you to reach out to Lisa Talley to sign up. This is not only important for our church and community, but is extremely important for the Kingdom and for each of us who prays. I would be thrilled to see us have enough volunteers to take another day to spend in prayer for a total of 48 hours each month!

Our Soup Kitchen ministry is also having an impact in the community. We feed the community on the 2nd Thursday each month. You will truly be blessed to participate if you are not already helping with this needed ministry. Let me or Pastor Jason know if you are interested in helping.

Once again we are in the planning stages of our annual mission trip to West Virginia. Due to state and federal regulations, we are still somewhat limited in what we can do within the prisons, but there are always opportunities for us to help needy folks and struggling churches in that area. See me for more information about joining the team this year!

It seems we have guests almost weekly in our worship services. I hope you are reaching out to these people to make them feel welcome. Sometimes God may be asking you to do more than smile and tell them you are glad they are here. Consider getting a number and calling them during the week to encourage them. Maybe you could invite them out to lunch after the service. If they have children, an invitation to a pizza or hamburger restaurant will likely be well-received!

I am convinced that we are on the cusp of greater things for Christ. Won’t you accept the challenge to go “all in?” Will you commit your time, talents and treasures to serving God through His church here at Roberdel? You are important to the building of the kingdom. Let’s surrender ourselves to His calling!

In Christian Love,

Pastor Billy



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