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From the Pastor's Desk:

From the Pastor…

Fall is upon us. This is a busy, but exciting time of year in the life of the church. This month we have a full slate of activities and ministries. So here I will highlight just a few of them.

Homecoming is the 14th. I am excited about having our former pastor, Leon Hawks, here to share with us the message that morning at 11 am. I have known Leon for many years, and he faithfully served this church during some of those years. Please invite all former and inactive members to come that day and join us in a time of celebration. Bring your favorite dishes to share with everyone as we enjoy dinner together following the service.

Our Quarterly Church Conference will be held on Wednesday, October 17th, at 7 pm. In a church, this is a necessary and important meeting because this is when decisions are made that affect us all. Since we are a congregational church, every major decision of the church is made during this time. That is why we all need to be in attendance! Just like with our national elections: if we do not participate, we have no right to complain about the outcome.

Our WV Mission team will be leaving after church on October 21st and returning on the 26th. We desperately need your prayers! And there are still other ways you can be involved. Donations of winter clothing items and toys are still being accepted, along with much-needed monetary donations to help purchase food to give away and materials to repair homes. Please specify that your gifts are for the WV Mission Trip.

On the 27th, we will gather at the Aberdeen Lake Park for the Conquer Chiari Walk Across America. This is a make-up for the event we missed in September due to Hurricane Florence. Please come out and support Skyler Macedo, Jenni Nielsen, and McKenzie Hotter – three of our own who live with this condition (Even if you can’t walk, a program, raffles, and lunch will take place). We have lots of educational information at the church if you would like to learn more. Donations go toward research and finding a cure for this dreaded condition.

Finally, on the 31st, we will hold our annual Fall Festival. This event rivals VBS as the greatest outreach event of the year. Last year over 400 people came out for the festivities, and we had one profession of faith in Christ. The purpose of this event is to show our community that we care about providing a safe environment for their families to come out and fellowship. As we do this, we also present to them the gospel of Jesus. Although we do not have any budgeted funds to cover the expenses this year, we have been blessed with donations from generous benefactors who believe this is a great way to reach the community for Christ. The Severs Class has taken the lead in providing food for the evening.

Please come help us show our community that we can have a good time in the Lord.

As we enter this final quarter of the year, we are behind in our giving as it relates to our budget and our spending for the year. That means that each of us has the responsibility to ask God to lead us in our giving. I am not suggesting equal giving, but equal sacrifice. If you can give an extra offering – or more – ask God if RBC is the vehicle He would use to bless your gifts and use them to reach the world for Christ!

In Christian Love,

Pastor Billy Dennis



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