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From the Pastor's Desk

From the Pastor…

February is known as the “month of love.”

Greeting card companies, florists and chocolatiers have done all they can to convince us that we need to go the extra mile in showing our loved ones just how loved they are. The purpose for corporate America pushing Valentine’s Day with such tenacity is not that they are promoting more love and affection. The reason it is a big deal to them is because Valentine’s Day has become big business and can give them a big payday!

I am not opposed to the celebration of love and the giving of gifts. However, I am concerned that we focus so much of our affection on February 14th every year, while failing to truly express love the other 364 days of the year. As brothers and sisters in Christ, I submit to you that our need as a church family is to be more loving and compassionate at all times. I can’t think of a better time to recommit ourselves to loving one another than during the month that is dedicated to love. Jesus said that the world will know we are Christians by our love for one another!

Last month we were blessed by the powerful testimony of Chad Dawkins and the music of our praise team, as well as Walt Wood, and Travis Dawkins and Janie Frye. It was a wonderful Men’s Day. This month we will observe Baptist Women’s Day on the 7th. Amy Boone, from the NC WMU, will be here to share with us that Sunday. I am hoping we will also have some special music from some of the ladies!

We will hold a called business meeting on February 14th, following the morning service, to entertain a joint motion from the Preschool and Building and Grounds Committees, that we move forward with updates to the preschool area in order to accommodate kindergarten classes next fall. This is a huge step for our Preschool, and a much-needed ministry to our community. You will be hearing much more about this and are encouraged to direct your questions or concerns to staff or anyone on these committees prior to the meeting.

The ministries of our church have continued and we have actually been able to do some new and exciting things during this past year of COVID. We continue to pray for the day when our entire church family feels safe returning to God’s house and gathering for ministry and missions. Until then, we will pray for each other and seek God’s guidance in every area of our church life. May we look back on February and be able to honestly say, “God’s Love was in it all.”

In Christian Love,

Billy Dennis



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