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November 2021: From the Pastor's Desk

Updated: Nov 2, 2021

From the Pastor…

First of all I would like to thank everyone for your kind words, cards and gifts during Pastor Appreciation Month. You are a wonderful congregation and I cannot think of any place I would rather serve. Your kindness, generosity, patience, and friendship mean the world to Sandy and me. Please continue to pray for us regularly!

Speaking of prayer, I have been totally awestruck as I have heard some of you report back on how wonderful your prayer time was during our first 24 hour prayer vigil in October. I am excited that we are going to continue this. Our next date is November 4th, beginning at midnight. If you need to change your time slot or sign up for a time slot, please speak to Lisa Talley and she will help you find a time that works for you. We also have prayer guides we have printed especially for this effort. Please see Lisa or me if you need a prayer guide.

We are quickly coming upon our annual Preschool BBQ fundraiser and the barbecue will be wonderful as usual. This year we are only doing pounds by takeout. Please see Randi Wood if you would like to help sell tickets or to purchase tickets.

As of this writing, we have not heard of any upset bids on the Roberdel School property. By the time you read this, I pray that we will have God’s answer. If He says, “Yes,” that will mean that we have 30 days to close on the sale with all donated funds. However, that will just be the beginning for our church and preschool. There will be a lot of work that will need to be done in order for us to get the facility in shape to expand our preschool. It will cost money that we will need to commit – but not even a fraction of the cost of building more space on our current property. Please be in prayer for God’s will to be done in this and how you and I can be involved in this important ministry. We currently have enough children on the waiting list to open another classroom if we just had the space! This is not a problem, but a challenge! God is answering the prayers of us and many in our community. We need to be obedient.

We will also soon be approaching the season of Thanksgiving, followed by Advent. While we continue our diligence regarding health safety and things may still look a little different than before, I am excited to welcome my favorite time of year in the life of God’s church. Let us continue to welcome new families into our circle during this holy season. May the lack of material goods that so many are predicting not be a deterrent – but a reminder to us that it is all about Jesus! I look forward to seeing what else He is going to do as we continue to trust Him and obey!

In Christian Love,

Pastor Billy



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